How do you want to feel this summer? 

You could spend it like this.....

  • Stressed out due to your change in routine 
  • Disappointed that you haven't hit your fitness goals yet this year
  • Self conscious about how you look in a bathing suit 

Or enjoy it because you are....

  • Soaking in the fun and ease summer brings 
  • Finally making the commitment to making yourself a prioity 
  • Feeling confident in your own skin; you have put in the dedication all Summer long. 

Summer Bootcamp Series: June-August 2018

Two Beautiful Outdoor Locations 

Byfield, MA Tues/Thurs 6:00AM-6:45am

Red Rock Park: Lynn, MA Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30am

This program is designed for you if: 

  •  You want to feel lighter and stronger by Labor Day 
  •  You want to start your day off with mental clarity 
  •  You are fully commited to showing up to your workouts
  •  You want the structure and accountability needed to reach your goals 
  •  You want to be part of supportive and encouraging group of women

Program details 

Each month you'll receive: 

  •  Energizing 45 minute workouts ($3600 Value)
  • Guided mediations after each workout ($25 value)
  • Access to a private Facebook community (Priceless)


  • Summer Recipe Guide ($30 value)
  • Exclusive access to any future events/programs 

Total Value $3,655

Summer Bootcamp Series Pricing

All packages are a 3 month commitment unless specified differently by the buyer at time of purchase. Pricing is the same for both locations. 

Can't commit to 2x or 3x per week? Come 1x a week and pay $60/month. If you would like this option, please contact Sarah at to book. 

Drop in rate for just one session is $20 

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